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For the purpose of developing a vigorous and impressive platform, and most importantly to encourage early investors and supporters, the Boltyield team has decided to organize an initial token offering (ITO) of Boltyield (BYD) Token.

There will three (3) ROUNDS for the ITO. Round 1 will commence on 11th January 2020. Date for subsequent round 2 and 3 will be communicated immediately after round 1 ends.

Round 1 starts on 12th January 2021, 10:00 UTC

Dates for subsequent rounds (ROUND 2 and ROUND 3) will be announced immediately after ROUND 1 ITO is complete.

Token Delivery

Boltyield Token (BYD) will be distributed immediately after contribution through the provided means


Do not buy from any other source apart from the source and the link we have provided on our website and all our social media platforms. Use the following information below to participate in Boltyield (BYD) Presale; Download and install your Metamask wallet or Trust wallet

Direct Link to join ITO:

Token Specification

Token Name: Boltyield

Token Ticker: BYD

Max Supply: 500,000 BYD

Available for ITO: 40% of total supply


75,000 BYD will be distributed on this round

Token price: 1 ETH = 250 BYD

Minimal entry: 0.05 ETH

Start: 10:00 UTC January 12th, 20201

Ends: 48 hours from start date, or when BYD token is sold out.


75,000 BYD will be distributed on this round

Token price: 1 ETH = 200 BYD

Minimal entry: 0.05 ETH

Start: Immediately ROUND 1 ends.


50,000 BYD will be distributed on this round

Token price: 1 ETH = 175 BYD

Minimal entry: 0.05 ETH

Start: Immediately ROUND 2 ends

1. Get ETH into any of the listed wallets, (Trust wallet, Metamask, Imtoken, Mew, and any other Erc20 compatible wallet).

2. Visit this link directly to proceed to the respective round.

3. Make sure you confirm the address provided in the ITO webpage to avoid lost of funds

4. When the ITO round begins, Send ETH through the provided means in the web address.

5. The price of BYD in the ITO remains constant through the lifetime of each round.

6. Make sure you have extra ETH in your wallet to pay for transaction fees.

7. If you face any issues while participating, our admins will be available to help.

1. 80% of generated funds will be added to Uniswap Liquidity pool after the ITO

2. 13% of generated funds will be used to list on more exchanges during and after the ITO

3. 7% of generated funds will be used for marketing and promotion.

Boltyield will list on Uniswap and more top tier exchanges with good trading volume.

Bolt yield is a decentralized finance farming protocol that is built on the Ethereum blockchain, the protocol has a governance token called BYD which is serving as the utility token powering the Boltyield ecosystem. As a decentralized finance protocol, BYD Builds its use case around yield farming, with its unique algorithm ensuring that participants in the various farming pools that will be made available are getting high return on their currency they vested with.

Lite paper:

official medium of Boltyield protocol.

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