2 min readJan 6, 2021

As part of our marketing strategy, our airdrop program has officially begun and is being conducted through our telegram bot.
All eligible participants stands a chance to win a total of 1 $BYD if they complete the required tasks, an extra reward of 0.5 $BYD is also awarded for each valid referral.
Balances are shown in the bot and these balances can be withdrawn at the end of the airdrop. Users will be disqualified if any form of illict activity is detected by the airdrop manager.

Terms and conditions of the Boltyield Airdrop:

By joining the Boltyield Airdrop you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. That your country has no restriction on cryptocurrency trading or on any association pertaining cryptosystem.

2. That you will not involve in any act of abusing the Boltyield Airdrop bot.

3. That you will successfully complete all task mentioned in the Boltyield Airdrop bot.

4. That you will remain in the subscribed channels till the end of the Airdrop Program.

Any contradictions to the following terms and conditions will result to termination of eligibility of such participant and therefore He/She will not receive the Airdrop reward.

Supported Wallet For Boltswap Bounty:

1. Trust wallet (Recommended)
2. Metamask
3. ImToken
4. My Ether Wallet

Any other ERC20 token compatible wallet can be used for entry.

Guide for Trust wallet;

Guide for Metamask;

End date and Distribution:

The Boltyield Airdrop will countinue till February 10th after which the distribution date will be announced, we employ every participants to desist from spamming the Telegram group with questions of distribution date.

To join the Boltyield Airdrop, Visit; and Complete the tasks:

1. Join our Telegram group and Channel
2. Follow our Twitter handle
3. Follow us on Medium
4. Sign up for our app beta testing on the website.
5. Summit the ETH address you wish to use in receiving your reward.


Q1: How many tokens are awarded in the airdrop?

A: All eligible participants stand a chance to win a total of 1 $BYD, and an extra reward of 0.5 $BYD is also awarded for each valid referral.

Q2: Is referral compulsory for receiving airdrop rewards.

A: No, referral is just and extra reward. If you complete all task without referral and didn't violate our T&C, you'll receive 1 $BYD

Q3: Is the Airdrop reward free?

A: Yes, all eligible participants will receive their reward with no charges attached.

Q4: How much is 1 $BYD?

A: Boltyield is not yet trading on any exchange so price is uncertain but pegged to the listing price, 1 $BYD is equivalent to $8.


Boltyield team